Sunday, 10 June, 2012

Rihanna, Lady Gaga Bring Back The Moe Hairstyle - StyleList

Rihanna on stage at the Rock in Rio Madrid Festival (left) and Moe from the "Three Stooges" (right). Photos: Getty Images | Everett CollectionMoe hair, mo' problems.While The Rachel may have recently been named the most requested hairstyle of all time, there's another infamous celebrity do that seems to be making the rounds in Hollywood -- the Moe.Yep. As in, the chili-bowl haircut worn by "Three Stooges" star Remy hair Moe Howard, who managed the unbelievable feat of having the worst hair on a show that co-starred a bald guy and a dude with a serious case of bushy curls.Now, two of pop's biggest divas seem to be on some strange suicide mission to bring the dopey do back in style. (Just say no, kids.)Lady Gaga's new "Alejandro" music video.For starters, there's the male Moe lookalikes Lady Gaga cast in her new video, "Alejandro." ("I'm not your babe," indeed.)Now, Rihanna has Weaving hair debuted the undercut crop in a startling shade of "Problem Child" red at a concert in Spain over the weekend.Good grief. Somebody lock up the kitchen cabinet and hide the scissors. Oh, and send Justin Bieber a fruit basket by way of apology -- turns out he doesn't have the most ridiculous bowl cut in the music biz.We're hoping this "nyuk-yuck" style is short-lived, but what do you think? Does the bowl cut bowl you over or make you want to go through the kitchenwares department with a sledgehammer? Leave a Hair weaving comment.Meanwhile, check out Claudia Schiffer's controversial Afro wig.